Mexico and Latin America TV DX Tips and Logos

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A reminder about these national logos: These are the logos you will see most-often on Mexico TV.
They are not local ID material.

Logos are property of networks/stations.

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The Final Days of Mexico Analog TV

With the end of analog TV on the horizon, there will probably be more sightings of special "HD" logos on Mexico TV. Mike Perron reported seeing what was likely a XEW HD (Canal de las Estrellas) logo on XHTAM-17 in March, 2013. Two examples of XEW HD logos are below.

XEW logo XEW logo

Televisa logo IMPORTANT TIP: Televisa independents and Galavision/Local stations carry some programs from the various Televisa networks. Many are at different times than the network feeds. For example, XHBC-3 runs XEW soap operas with the XEW logo upper right and XELN-4 runs XEW and XHGC programs with the network logos upper right.

Televisa networks - click on "horario" for schedule

XEW logo XEW-2/"Canal de las Estrellas" (Televisa) Mexico's largest network. Airs many popular soap operas during late afternoon and primetime on weekdays. Uses mostly Mexico-produced programs.
XHGC-5 logo
XHGC-5/"Canal Cinco" (Televisa) Features family programming during the daytime and early evening. Cartoons (many U.S.-produced) fill much of XHGC's weekday schedule. Runs several Nickelodeon programs.
Gala TV logo XEQ-9/"Gala TV" (Televisa) NEW NAME AND LOGO in 2013 - No longer Galavision - It is not clear if any or all of the following information still applies. Features a variety of programming types. Galavision runs several hours of infomercials daily, and regular Galavision 24/7 relayers do carry the infomercials. On the other hand, Galavision/Local stations use much of that time to run local and syndicated programs. Like independent stations, some of the Galavision/Local stations have names (such as XELN-4's "La Tele de Aqui"). XEJ-5, XELN-4, and XHAE-5 are common Galavision/Local catches by DXers.

FOROtv logo XHTV-4/"FOROtv" (Televisa) Features talk and news. Televisa independents on various channels relay some programs from XHTV. Unlike the other Televisa networks and Azteca networks, XHTV-4 is not believed to be relayed on a full-time basis by any stations.

Azteca logo
Azteca site
Azteca-7 logo Azteca-7/XHIMT-7 (TV Azteca) Both Azteca networks run a few U.S.-produced programs and movies, in addition to Mexican productions. Runs several Disney Channel programs.
trece logo trece/XHDF-13 (Azteca) Larger of the two Azteca networks.

Once TV Once HD ONCE TV/XEIPN-11 (Cultural/educational) Similar to PBS in the US, but with commercials. Places logo upper right and alternates between the two logos during HD broadcasts. The full name ID looks like a text ID and is difficult to read when it is superimposed upper right.

ONCE low-band relayers:
Cancún, Quintana Roo XHNQR 5 (Part-time)
Culiacán, Sinaloa XHSIN 5
Estado de Morelos XHCIP 6
San Luis Potosí, San Luis Potosí XHSLP 4
Tijuana, Baja California XHTJB 3

Once website and schedule

XEIMT-22 Mexico City (Cultural/educational) Similar to Once (above), but stations generally relay only selected programs.

Known low-band relayer of some XEIMT-22 programs:
Las Lajas, VER XHGV-4 (Part-time)

Beware of this logo. Venevision is a Venezuelan network and producer, and some of their shows (especially soap operas) are broadcast in Mexico.

Beware of this logo. RCN is a Colombian network and producer, and a few of their shows (especially soap operas) are broadcast in Mexico.
Major U.S.-based Spanish TV Networks

Azteca America